Advizia Product Information Management and Guided Selling Software

About Advizia
Powerful, Easy To Use
Industry leading corporations use Advizia as the preferred system to manage and deliver their product information and guide customers to the right products. Customers buy more, salespeople are more productive and marketing departments operate more efficiently.
Key features of the Advizia Guided Selling solution include - Ultra-fast loading, fully customizable, in-depth reporting tools, dynamic user experience, robust administration tools, foreign language capability.

Advizia Modules
Product Catalog
Robust system for creating and publishing your product data and storing your digital assets (images, documents, etc).
Product Advisor
Interactive selling assistant tool that automatically guides customers (and salespeople) to the right products in seconds
Comparison Charting
Dynamically generate comparison chart that only displays products that meet customer requirements.
PDF Builder
Marketing collateral generator that takes the text and images managed in the Product Catalog and dynamically builds PDF documents.
Foreign Language Module

Easily publish data in multiple languages.
Syndication Module

Publish branded version of your product information to the websites of your dealers and other channel partners.
Reporting Tools
Create detailed reports on customer traffic and usage trends.